Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quick Check List for SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 Personalization and Profiling Setups

In SDL Tridion 2011 SP1, setting up pesonalization and profiling can be somewhat challenging given the range of configuration touch points spans both the Content Manager and the Content Delivery systems.
If you are looking for an installation, configuration and implementation path, you could likely follow these steps (depending on whether this is .NET or Java based): 

1. Check the Target Publishing Language in the Publication Target is dynamic (JSP/ASP/REL)

2. Check the cd_deployer_conf.xml file includes TCDLTransformer class, for PageDeploy for example

3. Update the cd_storage_conf.xml (or cd_broker_conf.xml if still using that) to enable Item Types for the elements you want to track (eg. PageTracked, Timeframe etc)

4. Update the cd_wai_conf.xml to represent your website and settings for your personalization and profiling requirements such as host, cookies, tracking info

5. Update the web.config to support the httpModule TridionWAIHttpModule

6. Restart Content Delivery services and web servers for changes to take place

6. Proceed to enable item tracking such as Component and Page Template tracking in the CMS using template building blocks

7. Check if tracking is working after publishing your changes from the CMS by viewing content from a browser

8. Continue to implement personalization and profiling requirements using CMS functionality and API calls and test they function as expected after publishing and viewing pages from a browser 

Additional references for Personalization and Profiling can be found below.

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